"Folk music is generally a genre that can be turned to for earthy and more acoustic flavored songs. However, there are also those occasions where an artist that is rooted in folk will mix in touches of roots rock and instead present songs that are catchy and tempo based such as the case with newcomer Ben Rabb and his debut EP Until It’s Gone. The New York based artist easily slides into what is considered the Americana category today as he takes his singer/songwriter style and fuses it with an edgier folk feel... From top to bottom this 6-song EP comes at the listener from a real place of everyday life. Though oftentimes the lyrics have a tendency to lean towards the down moments, the cold hard truth is that they happen every day and that’s what makes this album a very relatable and compelling listen while at the same time there is something beautiful in the inspiration that you’ll find in the midst of the brokenness that Rabb openly displays." - ONE STOP COUNTRY


"Ben is a classic fingerpicker with a rich, warm vocal style.  Over the course of the six originals and twenty-three minutes of this set, he exposes some of his most personal feelings and shares them with us... Perhaps the most powerful cut is the closing “Take My Hand,” written after seeing a news account of the Syrian civil war.  It puts a somber spin on “news linked to a world watching pain” and a place where “it’s been three years since the kids went to school.”... Ben Rabb has that rare storyteller’s gift of being able to adapt his own experiences as well as those of others into concise, snapshot-like moments in time that bring listeners into his realm.  “New York” begs to be heard—and to be longer."  - SHERYL & DON CROW, THE NASHVILLE BLUES SOCIETY


"The press release for the EP suggested listening to it while drinking Sunday morning coffee, yet it will have you wanting to listen to it again the rest of the week. I normally try not to be swayed by what publicists write about an artist or album. But Until It's Gone is just that kind of an album. It's easy and gentle with just a touch of angst here and there." - BVS REVIEWS


"Rabb is the one opening eyes with a six-track release that features little more than his voice, acoustic guitar, piano, bass and some brushed percussion. Rabb kicks things off with set highlight “On the Fence,” and later scores with “New York,” “Here Right Now,” “Ragged Bones” and “”Take My Hand.” I can’t wait to hear more from this up-and-coming artist." - PITTSBURGH IN TUNE


"Ben Rabb is a fresh addition to the folk scene in New York City with his debut album, Until It’s Gone... Ben Rabb structures his music around the core principles of songwriting and composing. He lets you into the intimate details of every tale he tells throughout Until It's Gone. The album leads me to crave more than just the six tracks it contains." - HIT IT OFF MEDIA


“Until It’s Gone,” a debut EP by indie-folk songwriter Ben Rabb, is a quick lunchtime album definitely worth the listen. Rabb enters the world of recorded music by complementing folksy music with a mellow alternative rock vibe. His six-song album is comprised of short, yet catchy, songs inspired greatly from his experiences in New York City. The album, which is tranquil and introspective, seems like a reflective personal piece. Rabb certainly tells a story in each of his songs, transporting listeners into his world with both sound and song. Most of the songs have a more personal tone, with “New York” focusing on Rabb’s own struggles and triumphs in the Big Apple. The final song of the album, “Take My Hand,” highlights more global issues, written about the Syrian Civil War. Although the EP clocks in at just 23 minutes, it is a great quick listen that takes the audience into a mellow world of personal meditation." - MOUNTAIN TIMES