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It’s fairly obvious even early on that Rabb will be around for a while... he has the talent and tenacity to sustain him for quite some time.
— No Depression


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Ben Rabb is a touring Los Angeles-based-by way of New York City singer/songwriter, whose soulful lyrics and authentic approach to performance make him a refreshing, unique standout in an industry where realism often takes a backseat to the bells and whistles of pop production.

“Pulling from my midwest roots, travels and the place I now call home, my music is a combination of where I’m from, what I’m going through and the people I’m inspired by.  I grew up listening to songwriters like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Otis Redding, and felt the power of their music and words.  They had a voice that inspired me to find my own truth, connect and share with people through music.”

Ben quickly became a member of the NYC indie folk community. He hit the city's concert circuit, too, playing regular gigs at venues like The Living Room and Rockwood Music Hall. When it came time to record Until It's Gone, though, he headed north to Plaid Dog Recording in Boston, MA to work with producer Mike Davidson. There, Rabb recorded six songs about life and love, decorating the songs with piano, bass, acoustic guitar and brushed percussion.  He's currently working on a new EP will be released summer 2017.