Minor 7th Album Review

‘Twas a wonderful era when folk singers migrated to New York City to seek fame and fortune, however times have changed since Greenwich Village was an affordable hub for aspiring bards, writers, and artists. Enter young Ben Rabb who follows in their hallowed footsteps, albeit a few generations late. Rabb’s confessional, self exploratory six-track song cycle would have fit nicely in that aforementioned age – especially the topical “Take My Hand” – a stirring dirge inspired by the recent Syrian civil war. With a preference for minor key melodies, Rabb deftly details the ups and downs of modern life and in the big city with a keen romantic libretto. His vocal melodies brilliantly traverse the spare yet captivating arrangements – kudos to producer Mike Davidson who worked similar magic with Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, and Jose Gonzalez. And his acoustic guitar playing and tone are exemplary. If only New York City would pay more attention to artists such as Ben Rabb as opposed to Wall Street….
— Minor 7th
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