One Stop Country Album Review

Folk music is generally a genre that can be turned to for earthy and more acoustic flavored songs. However, there are also those occasions where an artist that is rooted in folk will mix in touches of roots rock and instead present songs that are catchy and tempo based such as the case with newcomer Ben Rabb and his debut EP Until It’s Gone. The New York based artist easily slides into what is considered the Americana category today as he takes his singer/songwriter style and fuses it with an edgier folk feel. With the storytelling on songs like “On The Fence” and “Bill,” Rabb invites you into the middle of his life and gives you a good snapshot of who he is. As he paints vivid pictures through the experiences of living in America’s busiest city among your broken dreams on “New York,” he continues to showcase who he is and who he has become because of the surroundings around him. From top to bottom this 6-song EP comes at the listener from a real place of everyday life. Though oftentimes the lyrics have a tendency to lean towards the down moments, the cold hard truth is that they happen every day and that’s what makes this album a very relatable and compelling listen while at the same time there is something beautiful in the inspiration that you’ll find in the midst of the brokenness that Rabb openly displays.
— One Stop Country
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